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Glompers: When and How to Claim

Hello Glompers!

A lot of you have been asking about timings for claiming. We are making a post of advanced notice that we will be opening claiming on Sunday 19th January at 12am GMT. To find out what time that is where you are, click here

In order to claim a prompt, you will need to log into AO3 with your AO3 account, go to our Merthur Glompfest Collection and then click on Prompts on the sidebar on the left.

Carefully read through the prompts from the Glompee's (you can do that now, but please DO NOT CLAIM A PROMPT, anyone who does so before claiming open will have that claim deleted and you will have to make another claim) and pick a claim that you think you can best fill for our Glompee's. Remember: This is a GIFT for them to say thank you. Glompers are allowed to claim ONE prompt to fill. Please do not pick a claim you can't fill (i.e., the glompee has asked for smut/explicit fic/art, but you don't write explicit fics or make explicit art).

Claims will be made on a first come, first served basis, so if your first choice has already been claimed, you will need to choose another. Claims will show up as a little box below the prompt, like so, which means you'll need to double-check carefully before claiming. After all, we would like all Glompee’s to get a gift if possible.

In the event that a prompt is mistakenly claimed more than once, the first logged claimant will be given priority.

TL:DR version:
- Claiming will open Sunday 19th January at 12am GMT.
- Don’t claim a prompt you can’t fill
- One claim per Glomper
- Check that your prompt of choice hasn’t already been claimed, if it has, please pick another

Thank you for your attention and happy claiming on Sunday 19th!
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